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1.  Tell us about Truth Be Told.  We love the positive message of "Falling" for yourself.  Please tell us more!

When I was living and working in NYC, torn between leaving my career in Architecture for my calling in music, I had felt extremely unfulfilled and depressed. On top of working full time doing long hours in an industry that was spiritually and physically draining, I was also caring for my grandfather who was dying of heart failure. He was my best friend and that one voice every day telling me to follow my heart and do what I love. He told me many times he drew joy from my joy and that made me feel so special in a cold world. I had to beg myself to get up most mornings and spent many hours in pain. Watching a bright, kind and incredibly intellectual light of a friend fade was a major weight I refused to be defeated by. This was the final straw. I decided to go all in and love myself enough to say YES to my dreams. To make the ultimate sacrifice even if I didn’t know what the future held.


2.  The Shockwave video is so beautiful and so edgy.  Tell us about the thought process behind the captures and what was your motivation for this song?

I loved working on this project. The director and I rented a cool little motor boat to cruise to a remote island in Portugal to find a place that was so untouched, serene and abounding in scale. The concept behind the music video, directed by Tim Janssens, is to create your own paradise. To wake up and be the shockwave. To make waves in the world around you and to remind others how we are just as beautiful and a part of nature.


3. Your look and style is very unique and unforgettable, have you always been a trend setter?​

Wow, thank you so much! Fashion is definitely very important me. As someone who’s gravitated and studied in the fine arts for many years, I feel a very strong connection to creating art for living. Inspiration is spilling at every corner so why not create everyday? Why not paint the kind of reality that animates the surfaces in which you interact? Fashion is a truly amazing form of self expression of our personality and ideas and a great language that each person can in turn write from themselves.


4.  Who are your Fashion Icons?

YEEK! Tough one. Mainly because my fashion icons typically don’t come only from the fashion industry but are drawn from every discipline in the arts. I believe fashion can be drawn from nature but also by the abstract or things we cannot only feel. If I had to summarize my top 5 fashion inspirations in this current moment they would be: Architect: Zaha Hadid, Painter: Gustav Klimt, Fashion Designer: Gareth Pugh, Composer: Kitaro, Film: Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio-scored by one of my favorite composers, Philip Glass. I would say all of those things are hot on my mind right now :)


5.  Who are your Top musical inspirations?

So many & so many styles! Butttt these artists I grew up lost in the magic of their discography: The Beatles, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Portishead, Michael Jackson, Sting, Cream.


6.  If you could tour with anyone (living or dead)  who would you choose and why?

I would LOVE to tour with Bjork! Hands down. I love everything about her from the way she embraces her music so fluidly right down to how she portrays her art. She creates an evolved interdimensional experience and taps into the extra intelligence and psyche of time and space.


7.  What are your upcoming plans for 2019?

2018 has been an out of body experience. From moving to Los Angeles, to forming my amazing band of dedicated and talented musicians and gearing up the finishing of my second studio album to kick off the new year; I have some very exciting content. My team and I have been busy designing the big release and the experience that comes along with the music. Nearing the holiday, I am also dropping an eclectic folk art musical piece co-written with classical composer and guitarist, Michael Trainor. It will be “winteresque” and inspired by concepts near and dear to the both of us.


8.  Any new gorgeous videos on the way?

Oh myyy yes. There will definitely be a LOT of new visuals for our new sounds. =D


9.  We love the "punk street style" video of you ...just being you on the streets of NYC.  How did this idea come about and will you do more of these in LA? (we say yes please)

That was a really fun and unexpected project filmed and designed with a film director/brand advisor based in NYC who works with a lot of your favorite artists out there today like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Ariana Grande. As a new artist introducing herself to the world, he helped me at the time to showcase my concepts for inspiring men and women to embrace their unique voice. Right now, my focus is on a collaborative fashion project with amazing LA based artist/photographer, Anna Asarov. She is a wonderful co-collaborator and art director that I feel honored to work with. We are creating some new concepts that I am excited to unveil pretty soon.


10.  Thank you for your time and please let our readers know where we can find you soon and all the links to keep up to date with your new music!

It has been wonderful interviewing with you! I am excited to create this experience with you. You can find me at the links below. Reach out and share your stories and experiences with me!

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