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Band On The Rise

1) Thank you for being part of our zine. Tell us about the WeWantMore band name. How did it come about?


WeWantMore is the mentality of the Dreamer! We all have dreams and things that we want to aspire too but unfortunately, a lot of us choose to “play it safe” or just try and blend in and do what everyone else is doing, or believe when people bash their dreams and decide not to pursue them anymore. We and our fans realize that they are our dreams, and we have to chase them and work hard to accomplish them because we are discontented with an average life, WeWantMore :)

2) Where are you all located now. Where are you all from? How did you get started?

We are based in Orlando, FL.

Kyle and Austin were born in Tampa FL and Johnny was born and raised in Paris France. We met in Orlando and started singing and dancing together for fun and then one night, we were singing for a group of people at a bible study we were having and someone who was there who we didn’t know at the time, was very connected in the music industry. He approached us later saying he thinks we should really take this seriously and get some stuff recorded and that one of his good friends was Grammy award winning producer Bryan Lenox (Garth Brooks, Elton John, TobyMac, Josh Groban). So long story short, 2 weeks later we were up in Nashville recording with him, and within a month we had 2 singles and 2 music videos ready to release. Literally overnight, we went from doing what we loved to do most just for fun, to having a full time band and we haven’t looked back since! 


3) Top musical influences?

We have a very wide array of influences and that definitely shows in our music. Kyle’s favorites are Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, Austin’s are Red, Linkin Park, Post Malone, and Panic at the Disco, and Johnny’ top choices are Michael Jackson, Usher, and NeYo. We love anyone who pores their whole heart into what they do and love anyone who PUTS ON A SHOW! We believe their is nothing that brings people together more than music so we try and pull from as many different genres and artists as we can to help shape our sound. 


4) Goals for 2019 and beyond?


We have a new album releasing Jan 2019 which we are super excited about, and have a bunch of music videos coming early 2019 as well. In 2018 we received almost 2MILLION views on our YouTube channel so we would like to at least double that this year we also are planning a tour and hope to be releasing those dates soon!

5) TOP favorite venues or festivals to play?


We love performing anywhere there are people! 

We started by just singing acapella in malls, airports, restaurants but the bigger the stage the better! We love performing for people who want to engage in the show themselves, who are there because they want to dance, go crazy and have a great time! 


6) Where can our readers catch a WeWantMore show soon?

We’ll be announcing the tour dates here soon so make sure you are following us on Facebook @WeWantMore , Instagram @WeWantMore.Official and YouTube - WeWantMore Official 

7) We know WeWantMore has a very motivated message and mission. Please share with our readers and tell us how we can all get involved!


Yes! Our mission is to combat depression, we do that in two ways. #1 is the most obvious answer for a band, and that is by making music that is uplifting, and brings joy to get people dancing, singing, and enjoining themselves. The other way is though instilling purpose in people, to let them no they are valuable, and their dreams do matter, and encouraging them to run after them and use those dreams to help make a difference in others lives. 


Depression is something all three of us have experienced to one extent or another so we use our shows to share how we deal with it and help them get through it.


The main way to get involved is to buy and stream our music and share our videos to where we can continue doing what we do. We also have the WeWantMore Dreamers Foundation which is launching in January to help combat bullying and cyber bullying.



8) Your dance moves (like your music) are incredible! Please share with us how much rehearsal time it takes to create the magic & who are your inspirations in the dance realm?

The answer to that is More lol. We love what we do so the time absolutely flies by but when we are practicing for a show we will practice between 4-6 hours per day to drill every aspect of the choreographies and the vocals and harmonies to make sure it’s perfect, and if that isn’t enough time we do more or two-a-days. And that’s just for shows! If we are working on a new album, We spend 12-14 hours per day writing, recording, arranging, editing. 


9) Please list your social links & any other info you would like to share with our readers.














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