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Waylon Reavis

NEW MUSIC and...

The Indifference of Good Men

Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us more about your beginnings in the industry!


I got involved in music by chance. I didn’t even realize that you could be in a band when I was fifteen years old. But my buddies were all playing guitars in their parents’ basements and I was like I really need to do this. I had played in the school band for a few years at that point, so music made sense to me, but making my own music was purely exciting. That’s when I formed Three Quarters Dead (3QD). Now here I am twenty years later, and my group A Killer’s Confession (AKC), are about to release their sophomore album “The Indifference Of Good Men,” on Wake Up! Music, on the ‘18th’ of October 2019.  It’s been an incredible journey so far. 


Where are you located now and where are you originally from? 


I’m located in Cleveland, Ohio, where I have been living for 15 years. 


Originally, I’m from Wilkesboro, North Carolina, where it all started for me.


Goals for 2019 and beyond?


I have a lot of goals. Where do I start?  Since I formed A Killer’s Confession it’s always been one of goals to have a hit single. We’ve just released “Numb,” as the lead single from our forthcoming album “The Indifference Of Good Men,” and it is doing great. 


 I’m currently promoting Numb and “The Indifference Of Good Men”, and my goal is to introduce our music to a much wider audience. We want them to join the AKC Army.


I also want to widen AKC’s horizons, continue to tour and do more support runs with bigger bands which will get our name out there more. We want people talking about the band, our new single “Numb" and our album “The Indifference Of Good Men.” Essentially, I want to get my music on all platforms, and start playing festivals again. It’s such a buzz stepping onstage at a major festival, and is something I want to do again. 


What have been the specific challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far? 


My challenges have been relaunching myself in a new group, A Killer’s Confession, which I founded in 2016. The music biz is not easy, especially for a  newer band. We were really  lucky that Pepper Gomez, the founder and CEO of Wake Up! Music, was a fan of our music, and signed us to her label earlier in 2019. Now we’re just two weeks away from releasing The Indifference Of Good Men, which is the next chapter in the story of A Killer’s Confession.


My greatest achievement so far was singing on stage with Korn. That was a dream come true for me, and something I’ll never forget. 


Where can our readers catch up with you out there soon? 


They can find information about our shows on my Facebook pages,  and on our new website.


We’re also having an album release show for “The Indifference Of Good Men” at The Odeon, in Cleveland, on Saturday, October the ‘26th’. That I can assure you, is going to be a night to remember.



Please answer the following:  "If my fans really knew me,  they would know that... " 


I’m a huge kid at heart, and I love to play video games. It’s one thing my seven children love most about me. We’re always are always playing something!


Who are your top inspirations? 


Musically, there are so many artists and bands that have inspired me, as I’ve always enjoyed and listened to an eclectic selection of music. I’ve been inspired by everyone from Maynard, Korn, Rammstein and Static X to Phil Collins, Men At Work,  Hall and Oates and even Cyndi Lauper.  


Having accomplished so much in your career, are there more dreams you hope to conquer?


Definitely. I feel as if I’m only on the first rung of a ladder, and  I’ve a long way to go. There’s so much that I want to achieve with A Killer’s Confession. However, I’m determined,  work hard each day and love what I’m doing. When I’m in the studio  or out on tour, I realize just how lucky I am to be making music for a living. Growing up, I dreamt about founding my own band, and releasing an album, and here we are about to release our sophomore album “The Indifference Of Good Men.” It really is a dream come true for me.


Any words of wisdom for your fans out there? 


Enjoy everyday of your life as if it was your last. Try to achieve something each day, treat others as you expect to be treated and and one more thing, buy a copy of our new album “The Indifference Of Good Men.” Thank you, it’s been fun answering your questions and I hope all your readers have a great day. And remember to join the AKC Army.

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