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Hello Water Tower tell us more about the band and how you got started! 

 Water Tower formed around a Water Tower in Oregon in 2005.  We started playing music under the name Water Tower Bucket Boys but we kicked the bucket in 2013 in order to move away from our traditional roots. We wanted to commune with our listeners who enjoyed all styles of music from punk to jazz to cajun and indie. 


LOVING the new album.  Tell us more!

The new album "Fly Around" took us seven years to make.  I approached Don Bolles (The Germs) about drumming and producing.  He then brought Ariel Pink in as the executive producer which blew my mind.  Suddenly I was in Hollywood in the same room where Weezy and Drake had made their hits (Nightbird Studios) and i was surrounded by my two heroes, who were helping me make my music come to life.  Absolute dream come true for me.   All these years, I was battling a crippling addiction to drugs and alcohol.  

What is your motivation!


This album motivated me to continue to pursue a path of healing until I could let go absolutely of my old ways.  I am motivated every day by the idea that our fans (best friends) are inspired by the amount of live music we create.  We started busking on the streets full-time in 2014 and moved to LA from Portland to do so)

What inspired the band to create? 


We are inspired by the stories that our fans aka best friends tell us about their journeys through trials and tribulations.  We love to use our fans stories of pain and redemption to create new music.  We have been doing this online through our social media.  Our fans will write lyrics while we play live and we will use them in songs.   It is a lot of fun.  

What have been some of the greatest achievements so far? 


My greatest achievement was staying alive throughout the recording of this album.   As a band I am most proud of a couple moments, one being the time we played with Modest Mouse in Belfast, Ireland (2008 Open House Festival).  The other big moment we had was when we sold out Dante's in Portland Oregon doing Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in its entirety in a folk/acoustic capacity.  I produced the entire show, and my musical partner (David Gerow of Sneakin' Out) arranged ALL the music.   It was six bands together as one.  Pretty epic moment for us. Symbolically it represented my descent into addiction as a final BANG of success and confidence I needed to justify going down the dangerous and evil path I then decided to go down ( 


What have been some of the struggles? 

Challenges, yes the constant struggle of many years attempting to rebuild my life in order to make this album come to fruition.  I wen through a lot of classic misdirection and constant pivoting in order to readjust my path.  

What advice would you give those out there following in your footsteps? 


The best advice I can give to someone following in my footsteps is the same thing that Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) told me outside of Dante's in Portland (coincidentally another epic show called "The Revival Tour").   I asked Laura what advice she had for me, a kid at 21 trying to follow in my heroines footsteps; she said "Just NEVER stop.  Keep going.  No matter what."


Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 

In five years I see us being in an even more GIGANTIC family made up of our biggest fans connecting and healing together through music every day.



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