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I think I was 7-8 yrs old here! I always had such short hair until my secondary school!  I was a total boy with boyish clothes, boyish looks, always played soccer, handball, volleyball etc with boys hahaaha. Actualy I understand boys more than Girls!

If you had a super power what would it be and why?

If I had a super power, it would be to multitask even more, but productively. I love doing lots of productive stuff. I don't mind being a Jack of all trades.  Honestly,  it's  the right time to know all!

If you HAD to change and LEARN a whole new musical genre by tomorrow,  what style would you be writing, playing, recording  in the morning like a pro? 

It would be Jazz, I love listening to Jazz. Right now, I do POP, R n B and Indian folk. 

Your favorite food and where can we get it?!!

My favorite food is home made food and the street food in India!! 

Are you a CHEF in the kitchen...or someone grab the fire extinguisher?

I feel I am a 'grab the fire extinguisher' kinda girl in the kitchen, cuz I honestly feel I have so much more to do in the day than this! But my friends love it when I cook them food, and I love it too actually.

Are you a gamer or make mine Monopoly? 

More a Gamer but when its time I do need to play Monopoly, I do ;) 

What song do you sing, rap or yodel most in the shower?

Haha, thats random every day but mostly Bollywood funny songs from 90's and Mamma Mia songs.

The first word your best buds would use to describe you...

Strong, all a rounder and 'the one who will break at least 1 thing wherever she goes'! lol 

Holiday season lover or PLEASE I want it alllll to be over...

I have never really experienced much holidays in life! I always love working, and if I am on a holiday I will do something creative or productive yet fun. I don't know REST. :D

Furry friends or give me a goldfish?  

Furry friends!!!! 

Last but not least:  What's happening with your music in 2019 and tell us about your New SINGLE/ ALBUM/ SHOW Wtv you want to talk about here...


There are a few shows lined up in India and the US.  I  will keep posting about it on my Social Media.

My EP will be out next year and there is a soccer song I am working on for my Soccer Event - Super Cup

(I Run an Event company and 2019 has the 6th season of the Goa Super cup - A soccer events for kids)


We can't wait to hear you new EP! 

Keep up with Vshali Here!  @vshalisanas


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