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1) Thank you for being part of our zine.  Tell us about this interesting band name, where did it come from?

The Band name was decided by all four of us, it represents something special locked away inside us like a drive, motivation, a magic......something precious! (Vault)

And Underground is because anything that ISNT in the top 40 UK charts is considered underground nowadays but we love it and would never sell out.

2) Where are you guys located and how did you meet?


We are located in West London and its the same area as where the great rock stars came from, Freddie Mercury, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page so we are from good stock.

3) Top musical influences? 


The four members are all influenced by the great musicians of the 60s/70s and some 90s...

Blairs (Lead Guitar/Vocals) draws heavily on his Blues/Rock influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, BB King, Albert King as well as 90s bands such as Oasis, The verve etc

Jamie (Guitar) is Big into his 90s Alternative music like Oasis, The Verve, The Twang.

Pete Sadler (Bass Guitar) is into Bands like Rival sons, Cream

Dan Young (Drums) is into Oasis, Catfish and the bottlemen, Ginger baker


So together it forms a pretty potent mix


4) Goals for 2019 and beyond?

The last two years have been extremely busy for us with writing, recording and gigging! So in 2019 we hope to do more of the same, the gigs seem to be getting bigger and our following is growing constantly.

writing for a third EP is on the agenda and gigging up the North of England and abroad seems like a firm idea.

5) Who does the writing in the band and which comes first for UV the lyrics or the musical inspo?


The writing of the Songs Usually starts with a Guitar riff or verse from Blair and then Blair meets with Jamie and constructs the lyrics and chorus, third stage is then getting into a studio with Dan and Pete and working on the arrangement. Its always Music first with us.

6) Where can our readers catch a live show soon?


Our last Gigging date this year is Nov 9th in Richmond West London, We are finalising gigs and festivals for 2019 currently so we advise for everybody to keep close tabs on our Facebook Page and Twitter accounts as we announce everything on them platforms. 

7) Please list your social links!

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