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The Kraken Music


If you had a super power what would it be and why?

Changing people's energy to make everybody truly have fun. 

And currently, as I'm on tour, I also would like to have the superpower of fitting everything I need in one bag under the 23 kg. (Laughs)

If you HAD to change and LEARN a whole new musical genre by tomorrow,  what style would you be writing, playing, recording  in the morning like a pro? 

I would like to learn and work with R&B, I've been working with a lot of music genres like Rock, Pop, Dance Music, Dubstep, Rap, Hip-hop, Reggaeton, House Music, Heavy Metal, Opera... But not R&B yet, so it would be wonderful to know that too. 

Your favorite food and where can we get it?!!

That's so hard to answer... One of my favorites is grandma's spaghetti a matriciana. Half of my family is Italian, so my grandma has a factory of Italian pasta in Brazil. This is one of my favorites, I just can't say no to this, 

Are you a CHEF in the kitchen...or someone grab the fire extinguisher?

I'm excellent on making pasta, like really from zero, I can even say I'm one of the best in my family. But only for that, everything else in the kitchen seems complicated to me. (Laughs)

Are you a gamer or make mine Monopoly? 

Both, it really depends on the situation. But even though I know how to play  I would say I have a strong tendency towards make mine monopoly.

What song do you sing, rap or yodel most in the shower?

Depends on my mood or what I was hearing before because I do suffer a lot with songs that cause the "earworm" effect. But lately, my top five is "Always Be My Baby" Mariah Carey, "Freedom" Kris Wu, "Bohemian Rapsody" because I've watched the trailer like a hundred times,  "I like Me Better" Lauv and "Complicated" Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

The first word your best buds would use to describe you...

Just texted my best friend to be sure, (and also because I was curious), so he said: calculated, fun and energetic. 

Holiday season lover or PLEASE I want it alllll to be over...

Holiday season lover for sure! Who said pa pa party?

Furry friends or give me a goldfish?  ( we love pix btw)

Furry friends! Dogs and Cats for life


Last but not least:  What's happening with your music in 2019 and tell us about your New SINGLE/ ALBUM/ SHOW Wtv you want to talk about here...

So 2019 will be very exciting for us because we will have the big tour,  coming back to the USA, and also going to Europe and Asia. But at the beginning of the year we will have a new single called "Moonlight". I can even say that we might have a sneak peek of this on this tour that I'm in right now in the USA. 

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