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Hello Tara, thank you for being part of our interview today.  Tell us where you are
located and where are you originally from?

I am originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. I live in South Florida now, but the brick and mortar of TSS is in I
joke that I currently straddle both states because of how often I am traveling back and forth. How did you get started in the industry? I started singing on stage when I was 3 years old. My first ever performance was at my church, and I still remember to this day being up there singing, how it felt, and how (even then) I knew music was going to be my life.  I sang regularly for many high profile events locally growing up, attended a prestigious performing arts high school (Dreyfoos School of the Arts), won best vocalist in state, and moved to NYC the day I turned 18 to attend a performing arts college and audition for Broadway. Less than a year later I found myself as the lead role in the European tour of the Broadway musical FAME.  Everything really started snowballing for me after that. 

How would you describe your teaching techniques?

I will do anything short of illegal to reach into singers voice and pull out the very best in them.  It's a high calling in my life to
not only transform peoples voices, but to instill confidence, hope and inspiration into their spirit.

Tell us about your upcoming goals and new moves for 2020! 

I'm exhausted just thinking about them! lol. In 2020, my goals (so far) are:
    1. Open up a South Florida Branch of TSS
    2. Speak at a Tedx (and/or Ted Talk)
    3. Hold a citywide audition for TSS,  first Vocal Variety Production held in Atlanta.
    4. Create a foundation to scholarship talented but underprivileged kids so they can receive proper training to perfect their craft.
    5. Continue to grow our student body in Atlanta and hire at least one additional vocal coach.
    6. Release a new single.
    7. Expand and grow my online course offerings.

What have been some of the greatest achievements of your career so far?

Singing in Zambia, Africa on a mission trip, leading a Broadway show, competing on X Factor, pouring my knowledge, skills and talent into the lives of others.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers today? 

 Find out what you love to do. Work at that tirelessly. Find a way to make money at it, and you'll never really
work a day in your life.


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