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Listed as one of Music Connection's TOP UNSIGNED BANDS TO WATCH... SWAY is making noise and creating incredible momentum.  With a new Tour in the works, brand new music and HOTT new videos on the way, this band is on your radar and they mean business. 

Tell us about the band name SWAY! 

It was Cadu’s idea actually and it was just one of those words that just sort of popped up and we all liked the sound and the look of it. It felt like us, considering our look and our music, and we decided to go with it. 

Please introduce the band to us, where are you all from and how did you guys meet? 


Daniel is Swedish, Freddy is Swedish American and Cadu is Brazilian. We all met during college, it started with just Freddy and Cadu and then Daniel joined later on. We’re all good friends so we were lucky to find each other so randomly like we did, seeing as it’s so hard to find people who play good and also aren’t assholes! 

Top Musical Influences?


The top musical influences we can probably all agree on are artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, The Weeknd, The 1975, Tears For Fears, Fleetwood Mac etc. Every one of us has our own personal favorites too, and we enjoy new music and old. There is always good music in just about every genre.


Goals for 2019?

Our goals for 2019 are to play as many different cities as possible, release our debut album in the Spring and start working on new material for the next one. We will also be doing more and more merch to sell at shows and online, and hopefully do a bunch of cool live studio sessions and more present on youtube. There won’t be a single day we don’t do anything SWAY-related, and there will be no vacations this year, except for the occasional chemical trip perhaps! 


What Festivals and Venues are you hoping to play this year?  

We have always had our sights set on Coachella for sure, but other cool festivals like SXSW and big ones like Rock in Rio aren’t exactly a hassle to go play either. Playing venues like The Roxy and The Greek in LA are also on the map, and of course juggernaut venues like Madison Square Garden and Wembley in London. Our goals are BIG. 


Tour Plans for the new year? 

We will be playing a lot on the west coast this Spring, that’s where you’ll catch us for now but we will be branching out to the East Coast this Summer so watch out!. 

You guys are very stylish!!  Who are your fashion inspirations?

Freddy’s and Daniel’s styles shift like day and night, we can wear just about anything and everything. Right now we are into suits! We draw a lot of inspiration from high fashion mainly, Gucci’s eccentric catwalks and YSL’s slick ad campaigns are always a quick YouTube search away if we’re feeling the need for some quirky fashion ideas. Cadu is more like the modern skater, we give him a hard time sometimes but he can all it off!

Your Videos are incredible!!  Tell us about the process...

We loved shooting these videos (although Naturally was shot in San Bernardino in 110 degree heat, not so fun) and we can’t wait to put out more music videos this year! So far our videos have been a collective brainstorming team effort but mostly a collaboration with our manager Renata who is also in a video Producer/ Art Director all around talented girl, they usually stem from Freddy’s lyrics and the vibe of the songs, and this has worked out good so far so we’ll probably keep working with a lot of the same people in the future to create more. Dive’s dark scenes and flashy Tesla driving imagery comes from the songs shadowy atmosphere and lyrics. Naturally, being a more upbeat lighthearted single, took a turn towards more of that direction in terms of colors and energy which we all loved to both create and watch. The lyric video for The Life also draws more from the darker energy. It’s sound is similar to Dive in a way so we wanted them to go hand in hand visually as well like twins. Next one will be different for sure so keep an eye out for that!


THANK You for your time SWAY!!  We love where you guys are and where you're headed!!

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