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 I was age 2 or 3 in this pic!   Just a good looking baby Slim KuttaR LOL. 

If you had a super power what would it be and why? 

Be able to grant people needs (not wishes). When you're in need of something it can improve your live. So I'll be able to actually make a difference in someone's life!

If you HAD to change and LEARN a whole new musical genre by tomorrow,  what style would you be writing, playing, recording  in the morning like a pro? 


It would R&B hands down.  

Your favorite food and where can we get it?!! 

Lasagna Casserole made with Turkey ground meat served at whatever kitchen my mother's cooking it! 

Are you a CHEF in the kitchen...or someone grab the fire extinguisher? 

Chef but I only can cook the basics. 

Are you a gamer or make mine Monopoly? 


Monopoly.... I don't even own a gaming system.

What song do you sing, rap or yodel most in the shower?

 I'm like a human jukebox in the shower. Whatever song comes to mind. 

The first word your best buds would use to describe you... 


Holiday season lover or PLEASE I want it alllll to be over... 

Definitely Holiday season (Family and Friends time)

Furry friends or give me a goldfish?  


Last but not least:  What's happening with your music in 2019 and tell us about your New SINGLE/ ALBUM...

 I just released my fourth single "Overdose on Lust" off my debut EP, "A Conversation at the Witz Inn", I'm giving a little NOLA bounce while telling a story fit for the movie screen. It's a cross between Drake "In My Feelings" and R. Kelly "Trapped in the Closet", which will have you hitting repeat!  "Overdose on Lust" is on pace to be my biggest single yet!  I have one more dope single I'm releasing then the entire EP. Aside pushing my records, I'm set to starting touring a lot which you can checkout my website for those dates and everything else related to me. I have a few other business ventures (music and non-music) about to launch I'm very excited about.  In 2019 Slim KuttaR will be a household name I guarantee it!!!!!!!


We guarantee it too


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