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Thanks for being part of our zine Sarah!  When did you know music was the career for you? 

I became interested in the music industry at a very young age. My Father was a musician, and I was always interested in fashion and music so that combined with fate, of meeting with my now producer, Mbj of Audio Assembley Productions is how I got into the industry. The chemistry was perfect to form a partnership and work together, and also be on the same wavelength, with the same goal of writing poppy catchy songs reflecting on both our divergent past, which eventually resulted in the forming of “ Sarah Sunday….."


Where are you from and where are you currently located? 


I'm located in central New Jersey, born and raised. NJ has a great music scene and with a close proximity to NYC, I could see all of my favorite bands allowing me to draw upon their influences and styles...


Who are some of your top musical influences? 

My top musical influence are somewhat connected but varied..... I'll say my main artist is Amanda Palmer, I quickly discovered the Sex Pistols and The Smith from the early age of 12 , True artist in every sense of the word.  Both Mbj and I have a coincidental fascination for Morrissey and Drawing from MBj’s 80’s influence, writing and creating became second nature to both..


Goals for 2019 & beyond? 

My goals include getting my kick ass full length record album out, yes, I say Record/LP meaning Vinyl and Digital!…and finalizing my bands lineup and as Mbj 1st promised to me, the Grammys would be my dream and long time goal!

Which comes first for Sarah Sunday...the lyrics or the musical inspo? 

 Inspiration is a combination between both the music and the lyrics,  Mbj might present a starting loop, I develop a melody and lyrics, we separate and fine tune our idea’s, we meet back in his Audio Assembley Studio, also in central NJ and magically we mesh so well that in fairness I would say its a 50-50 split between the lyrics and instrumentals as My Musical inspiration!

Where can we see you LIVE soon? 

Again, once the lineup for the band is finalized and some rehearsal, and with the many offers from venues as my driving force, I really hope either this summer for a mini tour….. stay tuned! 


If my fans really knew me they really knew me..

"they'd know I'm the same colorful person in real life, on stage, in the studio and out and about". :)



Please list all your links so we can stay in touch!


instagram sarahsundaymusic


Video:Original poppy Punk Mix

Video: Club/ Trance Remix

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