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Roland Page

L I T E R A R Y   D Y N A M O 


How did you get started in the literary industry?

Actually I started writing to battle my depression from Lupus. I needed something to distract my woes. I was a tattoo artist until Lupus hindered my hand motor skills therefore I traded visual art for literary art. I guess one can say it was a curse and a blessing. My wife and sons encouraged me to find a new passion so here I am.


Where are you located and where are you originally from?

I’m currently living in St. Louis Mo. However I’m a military brat from a mother from Osaka Japan and a three war veteran Master sergeant Army combat soldier. I grew up on military bases throughout the states. My pops decided to retire in the gateway City so I planted my roots there.


Who are your biggest inspirations?

My mother and father were my most influential motivation. Mother being a woman who spoke little English yet made a way to provide for a family of six. As for my father he survived World War II, Korean, and Vietnam Wars while training combat troops. Both were my heroes in different ways.


What is your greatest accomplishment yet?

By far maintaining my family through trials and tribulations. My novel “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” narrates the ups and downs of my journey. I have no regrets because each fall was a learning experience. I realize how important my family was to my recovery.


What subjects do you usually cover in your writing?

Life experiences! That’s all I can offer right now. Battling depression isn’t an option so every single day I look back and realize how lucky I am to be here. I need to share my story even if no one hears it. I already completed three novels Eating the Forbidden Fruit (on sale march 30th 2020), Skin Deep about the temptations and drama of the tattoo industry, and Walking the Purple Road my 40 days stay in the hospital with my wife and kids by my side.


What do you love most about your work?

It’s real as it can get. Now I classify them as fiction because I change small elements to protect the privacy of some important people.


What is something you have struggled with in your career?

Insomnia! I suffer from insomnia so once I engage in something I can’t stop. I wrote three books and haven’t even dropped my first “Eating the Forbidden Fruit.”

 What advice would you give to young creatives looking to do what you're doing?

Commit, engage, and follow through. I’m really a newbie myself so I will only speak from a personal perspective. I want to always remain humble.


 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still here hopefully with Lupus it’s hard to say. I want to stay positive and I follow a healthy lifestyle. If blessed hopefully a seasoned author with my own publishing company for law enforcement officers who have been convicted of crimes yet are trying to educated and improve community relations. A similar mission to “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” a story of my past career as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal crimes because of my childhood affiliation. A tale of karma, confession, and redemption with elements of true love.


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