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How did you all get started in the industry?


Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar: I took piano lessons from my grandmother from the age of six through twelve, maybe. Guitar lessons when I was sixteen, taught myself to play drums and bass in my twenties. I moved to California in 2011 to pursue music full time, and that's when REVILUTION got started.


Scott Flint, guitar, vocals: Having both parents as music teachers, I got started playing music at an early age, around 5 years old.


Marie B, vocals: I got my start in the music industry promoting and managing Dan. In my mind, if I showed the world what he could do it would make him famous. That’s how it started anyway. 



What's your group's biggest motivation?


Scott: I believe our biggest motivation is playing out live, we can't wait to get on the road to perform, we'll perform at the opening of an envelope if it pays! (laughing)


Marie: Our motivation is to create great sounding music for people to listen to. 


Dan: Knowing that people have a great time when they see us play!



Who are your biggest inspirations?


Scott: There are so many, I would have to say that Judas Priest is one of them because of their longevity and hard work, they've been together 50 years, that just blows me away.


Marie: My biggest inspiration is Dan. Over 8 years ago when I discovered him I didn’t know what I would be getting in to at all. I just thought I’m a business woman managing a talent. I believe in him so much I actually ended up in the band singing. Knowing him has inspired me to push my limits far more than I would have if we never met. 


Dan: Paul Stanley of Kiss. He's always kept his focus on the music, through lineup changes, through Gene's '80s acting career, through the collapse of rock and roll in the '90s when grunge took over. 



What is your greatest accomplishment yet?


Scott: For me, my biggest accomplishment has been touring the USA in the mid-80's, 216 cities in 9 months. And of course being in REVILUTION!


Marie: My greatest accomplishment is that I found a way to go on after my divorce. It came very close to killing me. Creating the band with Dan made me a new life in a new world. 


Dan: Forming REVILUTION and creating great music with great people.



Who are your biggest supporters?


Scott: Our families, our fans, and our friends.


Marie: Biggest supporters to me personally and the band are Nadine Raymond and Tina Flint. Nadine gave her time, knowledge, money, a security team, and a venue AND housing opportunities. More than I can say in an interview answer. Tina is supportive in different ways. She’s the wife of our longest band member Scott Flint. There’s so many unforeseen ways support is needed with a band. She gets that and I can talk with her about things and also text her while we are on the road. Plus she makes us these snack packs with things we can eat so we don’t go hungry at shows. Also a big supporter is Bsquared Management. The owner found our band and saw something in us she knows needs nurtured and that’s huge. There’s a lot of management companies out there so having one who believes in our band helps us go on. 


Dan: My parents are big supporters. They used to have our CDs for sale when they had their store. And Scott and Marie are my biggest supporters personally. They've always got my back when I'm having a rough time, and I know that I can count on them to keep this train running smoothly. None of this would exist without them, and I'm grateful to them both.



What do you love most about your work?


Scott: Playing live is what I love most about my work, and meeting new people, making new friends and seeing new places.


Marie: The thing that is most to love about my work is the music. The finished music is the final part of creation. It’s a journey to get it there. Music is alive. 


Dan: Writing and recording are my favorite parts, but then playing live follows closely after.



What is something you have struggled with in your journey?


Scott: Finding the right musicians who will commit to the band for the long haul, who see the dream, and passion to make the dream a reality.


Marie: A thing I have struggled with on my journey is the time before going on stage to do a show. I didn’t have that at first but the longer I do it, the more challenging it became. I remember one time it happened we were in Pomona, CA and we were going on after Pistol Beauty. They were really good and I went out to the parking lot before the show and lost it emotionally. Luckily Scott and Tina were there to calm me down. So, I don’t know if that’s considered stage fright or what. Generally once I’m on stage I’m fine. 


Dan: Depression, especially when it feels like no one is listening to what you're performing. You really start to question whether you're any good at this. Compliments go a long way! (laughing)



What are you looking forward to right now?


Scott: We are releasing our new single on the 18th of March and are currently writing new material for our upcoming album. March Madness is upon us! (laughing)


Marie: Right now... I’m looking forward to the release of our new single titled “More Than Air.” That’s on March 18, 2020. It is the first song we will release that has me on lead vocals and is a true collaborative effort by Scott, Dan and me. I’ve even got some ideas for a music video to go with it.


Dan: The new singles for sure, but also getting the right bassist and drummer in here so we can go perform live again.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Scott: In 5 years I still see us on tour, doing what we love to do most, playing live.


Dan: Stadium tour!!!


Marie: Oh wow, good question! Most likely making music with the band and doing live shows to rock the fans. Thank you for the lovely interview Laurie.


Instagram and Twitter: @revilutionband

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