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We recently sat down with members of Revilution for some fun questions and thoughts.  So here's the SoCal Heavy Rock Metal Band's ideas from food to furries to all the great things ahead in 2019!!



The kiddo pic? 

The group shot is when I was somewhere between six and eight, I think, in church. I'm bottom left, wearing the red shirt and blue vest. The other is my senior picture from high school. My family was very conservative, so, lots of church and long hair was a no-no. I remember I wore that vest in my school pictures that year, too. My mom was NOT happy, but I really liked it. It covered up the goofy Western shirts I was forced to wear all the time. Like, Marty McFly in "Back To The Future III" goofy Western shirts.

If you could have a super power? 


I love superhero comics and movies and stuff, so there are a LOT of super powers that I'd like to have. I don't know if traveling in time is a super power, exactly, but that's what I'd want. To go back and witness historical events in person, or even correct some idiotic thing I did yesterday! And who wouldn't want to know in advance who was going to win the next Super Bowl?

If you had to change musical genres!!?


A whole new musical genre? By tomorrow? Probably country music, honestly. I'm familiar with a lot of it from the '60s and '70s, thanks to my upbringing, and I could write about my mama, my dogs, and getting drunk down at the river. I write what I know, so I think I'd be good at it.

Fave food and where can we get it?


My favorite food is Shake N Bake chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. You can get it at my house. I like dark meat, what kind do you like?


I'm no chef, but I do like to cook. I like to learn how to cook new foods, too. I make pretty good steaks, burgers, Crockpot chili con queso, spaghetti, Alaskan cod and rice, tacos, beef stew. I've made my own spaghetti sauce and salsa before, but it's pretty labor intensive. Lately I don't really have the time to get super involved in cooking, but I can whip up something tasty and filling pretty quickly.

Gamer or make yours Monopoly?



I definitely love video games! I have an Atari 2600; Atari 800XL, which is an early computer that uses an external cassette tape drive for storage, but also takes game cartridges; Super Nintendo; Sega Genesis; and Sony Playstation 2. I also like PC games, but usually the self-contained ones; the only Online game I play is Star Trek Online, because most of them want you to keep buying stuff to advance in the game. I don't have that kind of money. But I can spend hours playing Asteroids!

What song do you sing in the shower?


I don't usually sing in the shower, but I confess that I talk to myself a bit. It helps me sort out my thoughts. Gotta make sure there's no one else around except the dogs, though, a human would think I was nuts!

How do your best buds describe you?


My best buds are all in my band. Goofball?

Love the holidays or no way?


I don't go big on decorating for holidays anymore, but I like doing the Thanksgiving thing. Lots of good food, and spending time with family or friends. I don’t have anything against the other holidays, but I don’t go all out with the big Christmas tree and lights all over the house. Usually don’t have time for it these days.

Furry pets or a gold fish?


I love all animals, but my pet of choice is dogs. The pic below is my two boys; Dax is the Heeler on the left, and Beefy is the Lab/Pit mix on the right. Yes, they’re laying in my bed there, so you can guess how spoiled they are. Both are strays that I rescued. I got Dax in 2010, I was working as a mechanic in Durango, Colorado at the time. A guy with a flatbed Dodge pickup came in for a front-end alignment, and the dog was riding on the bed. Of course, I wanted to pet him, so I asked the owner if he was friendly. The guy told me that he’d been out fixing fences that day, and when he got back to his truck, the dog was just up there laying on the bed and wouldn’t get down. Then he told me that if he couldn’t find someone to take him, he’d have to go to a shelter because he couldn’t keep him. Well, I couldn’t let that happen, so Dax went home with me. I got Beefy in 2016, he wandered into Marie’s yard from somewhere. He was healthy, but obviously lost. We tried for several days to track down his owner, but he wasn’t chipped and there were just too many places he could’ve come from. We also couldn’t find a no-kill shelter that would take him. One place told us that they couldn’t get Pitbulls adopted out, even mixes. So, Marie tried to keep him for awhile, but he was too energetic for her, so I took him home with me. Beefy is very vocal, he moans, howls, whines, and growls when he has his Kong, but all very playful. Dax likes to chase him around when he makes noise, then he runs back over to me like he’s asking if he did a good job. I love them both very much.

2019 plans?


This coming year is looking very promising for REVILUTION. We’re lining up several shows in the LA/Hollywood area, with the first one scheduled for January 23rd at the Whisky A Go Go! Huge bucket-list item for me, a very good sign of great things to come! We’ve already almost sold out of our EP, so it’s doing very well. We’re going to be printing more of those, don’t worry. We would also like to go back to Denver and do some more recording. I know a lot of people today don’t see the point, but I absolutely LOVE albums! A few songs at a time just aren’t enough, I feel like it’s over before it really gets started. As a kid, albums would take me on a journey, and so that’s what I learned to do when I write. Hopefully we’ll be able to find the time for that. Until then, see if you can catch us live! You won’t be disappointed!



If you could have a superpower?
1) Flying, the great views,and no more grid lock on the freeway.

If you had to change musical genre?

2) FUNK,FUNK & more FUNK

Fave food & how do we get it?

3) Fire grilled steak,at Pinaccalle Peaks,Colton CA.

Chef or where's the fire extinguisher?

4) Actual trained Chef

Gamer or make mine monopoly?


Song you sing in the shower?

6) Big Balls-AC/DC

What would your buds say about you?

7) Prankster

Holiday lover or no way? 

8) Holiday season lover

Furry friends or a goldfish?

9) Furry friends-I have 4 dogs

2019 Plans? 

10) Are new EP is getting rave reviews and lots of airplay,and sales are going much better than we excpected.We're looking to tour soon and then back to the studio to do the full album early next year.

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