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So much attention and stress these days regarding NUMBERS. Spotify Numbers, Follower Numbers, Number of Plays, Engagement Numbers, Follower to Engagement Ratio Numbers. How to convert your listener Numbers into download Numbers... NUMBERS!! I feel like even the word NUMBERS has celebrity status these days. "Hey have you seen NUMBERS? Wow that girl got it goin ON!" Working with emerging artists who write, perform and create music on a daily basis, it is often extremely disheartening for me to spend hours on conversations not about the joy, the lyrical content or the instrumental methods of creating music, but more so on the desire and the NEED For NUMBERS. There is an all too common misguided perception that all of these numbers somehow parlay into HIT songs. Numbers themselves do not create HITS. Great songs that resonate in the hearts and minds of humans create interest, which then create a movement, which then hopefully create HITS ... which then, yes, do create NUMBERS (numbers are still not human by the way ) (Also please note how NUMBERS are typically either the last or next to last participant in the above mentioned equation, thank you) I recently had a lengthy discussion with a very successful leader in the touring industry who told me they've been losing their literal shirt over the past three years taking chances on artists with the NUMBERS. Turns out, most of those NUMBERS don't necessarily relate to ticket sales. They've learned this by jumping into the fire and the fire has proven to BURN ( and not in that awesome Ellie Goulding style way). Seems the pros are now paying more attention to engagement. Ok, so you have incredible music, your live performance is NEXT LEVEL, but only 1500 followers. Are you engaging? More importantly, are your fans engaging back? Are you creating community? Are you creating a strong magnetic pull to whatever the heck you're about, being your true self without expectation? Whether your music is all about FUN and ADVENTURE or SAD GIRL ANTHEMS and sadness doesn't matter... what does matter? Whether or not you are igniting and energizing your CORE by putting action to your own mission. Let's face it, the music business is called a business for a reason. When there is big money to be made, one must look at the investment to return on investment ratio. Do your numbers truly add up to something investment worthy? Are you building something sustainable and meaningful? Are you adding value to someone's world out there with your art? Are you putting your energy toward the emotion of your true authentic self? Are you baring your creative soul to be as limitless, fragile, strong, brave, fearful, courageous and bad ass as you are meant to be? Or are all your numbers adding up to a sum total of emptiness, leaving you hungry for more and more digits to fill you up?

Write this down and repeat after me: "I am the super power who moves this machine and I am not controlled by numbers" BELIEVE Birdee

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