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Write the Songs & They Will Come

I recently had a long conference call with one of our incredibly talented artists and a legendary producer in the industry. This guy has worked with SO MANY greats in the industry from the 70's to today. Talking about future plans for this artist and his upcoming time in the studio, the artist kept mentioning the money needed to finish his recording. It's the main source of stress in any young artist's career...the MONEY. WHERE will it come from? HOW will I ever get it? In the middle of this conversation, the producer interrupted... "WRITE THE SONG and the money will come" "Wha? huh?" "WRITE THE SONG and the money will come" he repeated. "You Only Need One. One truly great ONE. WHAT is your story? TELL IT." So I challenge you today, to write the song. they say, do the damn thing. It's all in you BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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