We love WATER TOWER! They're just one of those bands who steal your heart away and never give it back... like ever. Sooooo we decided to let them Take Over Our BLOG for a day and here's the deliciousness that ensued! Follow this band now. Thank us later! "How to stay authentically YOU with your music..." 

These days it can be difficult to feel ok about being YOU.  Social media can cause you to constantly compare yourself to another.  It is important to notice this natural human tendency, because if you do that, you can be free.  The simple act of noticing what you are thinking, can help you to overcome this sort of negative feedback loop.   Once you stop worrying about all of the comments that try to tear you down, you simply view them as another person there helping your musical cause.  The great thing about music is that it causes us humans to experience a range of emotions. Sometimes people feel angry or offended by music because it strikes a chord so deeply in their soul, they can't help but express something.  What I have learned over the years of daily public performing (I started my addiction to busking at age 12), on the streets and on stages all around the world, is that music is polarizing.  YOUR music is YOU, and therefore it is polarizing.  All I mean by polarizing is that it causes people to feel totally opposite emotions while they experience you and your music.  This is a good thing, because it causes people to stop and listen.  So even if the outside world doesn't quite understand your music, chances are that if it's truly YOUR music, then it will polarize the people.   

"How Water Tower keeps the Inspiration FIRES burning strong!" 

We keep the fire of inspiration at a slow burn at all times.  We surround ourselves with music to enjoy, play and interact with.  That way no matter where we are in our space we can access the healing and nurturing effects caused by music.  Even as I type these words I pause to flip the record over, and drop the needle again.  Now in the bathroom I hear Dre (Tommy Drinkard) listening to a cassette tape by the great Deepak Chopra which talks about how to get in touch with the "higher self".  Even further down in the kitchen, the Family Values 98' VHS tape rolls on on top of the fridge as Ice Cube and Korn team up for a performance in New Orleans...  My point here is that in order for us to be totally immersed in music, we enjoy being able to interact and learn from our favorite gurus and musicians.  The key point for us is that our spirit is always ready to interact with music and inspiration in some type of way, BUT this depends on us having enough rest, food, community, and expression.  We live by a simple code of understanding here at Water Tower Studios, and that is to HALT, and never let anyone on the team get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired (HALT).  Our key to success is that we are a team.  If one team member is tired, the others pick up the slack.  If there are only two team members that day, then we take on less work.  If there is only one team member that day, then we rest, rejuvenate, and work on self-care to the best of our ability.  Our greatest inspiration is the fact that we have the opportunity to inspire : )