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We get asked a lot about tips for success. Here are my TOP SEVEN ;) 1. Keep PASSION as your main motivator. Money will come and go, life will change, shiny things will fade, but PASSION will keep you burning ALIVE with inspiration. 2. Be LOYAL to your vision. The VISION burns bright with passion and your vision will keep you from ever getting dumped into the "seen it done it" category. Your VISION is your unique fingerprint. It's the sparkle SHINE that keeps your glitter in the high priced shazam bin! 3. Remember INTEGRITY in everything you do. Your work and your word is your future. You are what you consistently DO. DO IT UP. 4. THICK SKIN. Grow one. Get ready to be hammered and hated and loved and cherished (hourly). This is the way it works. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Remember you can rise above any negativity, it's always a decision. You RISE when you RISE ABOVE. 5. Do NOT be realistic. Being realistic will murder your career. Be thou NOT afraid to take huge chances that will leave your family and friends wondering where you left your common sense. Remember, those same people will pretend they always knew you could do it when you hit the BILLBOARD Charts. Go forward, SHINE!! 6. Learn from your PEERS. You never know what shiny light is gonna brighten up your path. Keep your EARS and your HEART open at all times.

7. KNOW YOUR STUFF!! Your number of Spotify Listeners, all your social media handles by heart, the date & time of your next show. Know everything at all times! This will enable you to jump into cheerleading mode at a moment's notice. If YOU don't cheer for yourself relentlessly, who will? Cheer baby CHEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!! BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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