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Cameron Philip is a Canadian multi-genre artist who creates music that is driven by feelings of love, heartbreak, and sorrow.

Thank you for taking this interview! How has the New Year been for you so far as an artist?

It has been really wonderful. I've been able to create a lot of art that is very special to me.

Can you tell us how you've transformed from the beginning to now as an artist?

In the beginning I had a lot of the same emotions and passion that I still have today, but now I know how to transform those feelings into music that evokes those emotions in a much cooler way.

How did you come up with your latest project?

I created 'Yellow' after I met someone who made me feel the colour yellow when being around them. So I wanted to make a song that made the listener feel 'yellow' and bright when listening to it, even if they are in a dark place.

Where are you from originally?

I'm from St. Catharines, Canada!

Where do you live now?

Toronto, Canada!

Do you think where you live impacts how your music is made?

For me, it's not so much the place you live in but the people you meet and make connections with. I think no matter where you are, it's those connections that drive those emotions that you end up conveying through your art.

What was the inspiration to make music your career?

I like the way making music makes me feel. It's saved my life. I don't know what else I would do if not for this. It helps me get through everything that I feel.

How do you want to shape your career?

I want to become someone who creates art that makes people feel very strongly.

Do you work on a tight timeline always or do you go with the flow when it comes to your music?

There is never any timeline. I just follow my heart and do how I feel.

How did your latest title of your music come to be?

It's fairly simple. The song is about someone making me feel bright and yellow. I wanted people listening to feel bright and yellow. So I called it 'Yellow'!

Is it hard to let go of the music when it is done?

Never. My favourite part is letting everyone else listen.

Do you feel an emotional attachment to your music?

I feel an incredibly deep emotional attachment to my music. It is all of my life's emotions and passion roped within one medium.

How would you describe your music in one word to someone who hasn't listened to it yet?


Where do they go to listen NOW?

My music is available everywhere, wherever you'd like.

What has been the best fan reaction to your music?

Definitely when I made a remix to BTS's Black Swan, and then BTS complimented my rendition of their song! That brought in a lot of kindness and love from people. It was a special moment.

Is there anything exciting coming up for you?

I have a new album upcoming this July. I promise that it will be very cool.

Are you performing the song anywhere LIVE?

I will! June 9th at The Rivoli in Toronto!

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