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New songs, new album, new year! We can't wait to see how 2021 unfolds for you all!!

Hello, Sounds of Ghosts!! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!

Please tell us about your latest release!!

We just recently released a single called "Have to Let You Go". It's a supercharged bluesy alternative rock song about an overly demanding partner and a relationship falling apart. Our songs range in influence a lot, but we love rocking out to this one. What was the creative process behind your single, "Have To Let You Go"?

This song started with the opening guitar riff and then we began playing with the drum breaks and bassline from there. Once we got a groove we liked, Anna wrote a melody and lyrics for the song. When we perform this song, people always think James wrote it because it's written from a man's perspective and he sings the song, but Anna wrote it envisioning what it would be like to be in that position. We added Paul Litteral on the trumpet after getting the bones of the song together to bring in a great texture on top of James' intense vocals. The name of your band is so interesting! Is there a story behind the name?

Our name, The Sound of Ghosts, was inspired by the title of a Brown Bird album. We formed in memory of our friend Dave Lamb, who passed away far too soon from Leukaemia, and headed the acclaimed band Brown Bird with his wife MorganEve Swain. James grew up with Dave and was touched and inspired by the impact Lamb had made on not only him, but the community around him. The Sound of Ghosts is a way to honor Dave Lamb and to constantly remind us of our love for music and its ability to get us through the most trying of times. What are you looking forward to most as we begin 2021?

For us, we are excited about a few things. We have been working on writing new music and we are looking forward to finalizing those songs and getting into a studio to record a new album. That is at the top of the list for us in 2021. A close second would be getting back out and playing live music again. Our live show is something that we have always been proud of, so to be able to share that again would be amazing. In addition to playing shows, we really want to go to live shows as well! There is nothing like seeing your favorite bands live and we miss going to concerts dearly. We always get so much inspiration from seeing other musicians perform.

How does your music affect the world?

This is a hard one to answer, at the end of the day we hope people can listen to our music and relate to what we write about. If one of our songs can make you happy, help you move through a rough patch, or make want to dance, then we are doing something right. For us, music is about connection more than anything. We don't make songs that conform to a certain genre or format, we write music that makes us feel good and we hope that the listener can feel that no matter where they come from or what part of their life they are at. Who have been your biggest cheerleaders in your career thus far?

There are a few people who have kept us inspired and supported us as a band over the years. Harry Shotzbarger has come to every show he could make it to including our first show on the road, Keith and Georgie McCart have opened their hearts and home to us whenever we’re in their neck of the woods and always champion our music, Mike and Nikki from Tiny Porch Concerts have become great friends of ours and are such supporters of independent music, and of course, our friends and family who have been to shows, pre-ordered records, printed posters, designed t-shirts, and supported us in so many ways. What does "making it" mean to you?

Making it can have many different meanings. For us, "making it" would consist of being on the road full time, playing for new audiences, and having them support and love our music. We have never felt the need to be rockstars, but would rather connect with our fans on a human level. We also want to continue moving forward creatively and writing new music that is inspired no matter how big we become. Please tell our readers where they can stay up to date with you in 2021!

We keep our website, up to date as well as our Instagram @thesoundofghosts and Facebook @thesoundofghosts up to date on all of our shows, livestreams, and exciting news.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!!

Anna and The Ghosts

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