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Compared to Madonna or Lady Gaga for her charisma, artistic creativity and collaborations with the French Touch, LA Laura Paris known as LA is a multi talented French Pop Electro artist singer-songwriter, composer, musician, DJ producer and also Film Director. A very eclectic artist, LA Laura Paris incorporates pop, rock, acoustic, electronic, disco, and even soundscapes from Ibiza with influences from Martin Solveig, Pharrell Williams, Britney Spears, and Daft Punk. In addition, she has drawn inspiration from artists such as Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Michel Polnareff, David Bowie, or Yann Tiersen.

But even with all the influences LA pulls from and the comparisons made, LA is a POWERHOUSE all of her own and a force to be reckoned with not only in the music community but a staple when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Just in time for pride month 'Kissing Boys' is a special ode to what LA stands for and an anthem that has taken over airwaves! And in LA's own words “I wanted the video to reflect the song’s feeling and lyrics, by showing different people kissing each other, all genders, all colors, just love!"

So just LOVE is what LA is receiving after the special drop of the music video with already THOUSANDS of views by fans from across the globe, we have fallen for the LA's artistic perspective too!

The video is so beautifully shot from right when we meet LA. As the Futuristic industrial beat starts to creep into our speakers, she sparkles LITERALLY onto our screens and what a PRESENCE she creates.

As she dances, sings and KISSES the beats rise, the song builds up and a grungy, acid house sound explodes from the bright shiny visual to a dark, raving dance party with more fun to be had.

Her light and airy vocals compliment the more aggressive techno sound and gives her fans a chance to sing along in the memorable lyrics.

Then from the hype views of the city to the hypnotic vibe of the beachside, every scene is worth the mention in this fashion centric video. And even after all the flirty fun of the video the energetic, rhythmic ending leaves us just wanting MORE LA!


New to me, Identity, Independency I feel alive

Energy, Chemistry, Just you and me, I feel alive, Kissing Boys

Kiss me

Kissing Boys, Kissing Boys

Gravity, Help me, Call emergency, Save me

Especially when I’m kissing boys

I feel alive, New to me, eternity

Just you and me, I feel alive

Kissing Boys

Kissing Boys, Kissing Boys I feel alive

Kissing Boys, I feel alive, Kissing Boys

Kissing Boys, I feel alive, Kissing Boys

Kissing Boys, I feel alive, Kissing

Kissing Boys, I feel alive, Kissing Boys

Kissing Boys, I feel alive, Kissing

Kissing Boys, I feel alive, Kissing Boys


Composer, Writer: LA Laura Paris

Mixing, Mastering: Question de Son

( Publisher: Tunecore )

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