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Killing Moon Records is not only making records but breaking them too!

Talk to us about when Killing Moon Records was created?

Killing Moon is our CEO Achal Dhillion's baby, started in 2011 in his parent's basement as a blog out of a sense of rejection by the wider music industry.

Who started Killing Moon Records?

Achal Dhillon

How has the company evolved from the beginning to now?

Killing Moon now operates as a holistic music company with our 3 frontline businesses as records, management and live promotions. We're working on bigger releases and much bigger shows, we've even managed to get into the UK top 40's. You may have seen the partnership announcement with Native FM which means that we will be working in tandem with the university-based event company. You're releasing New Moons XV, congratulations. The release represents Killing Moon’s battle for equality and diversity within the music industry with 100% of the funds being donated to Black Lives Matter. Talk to us about what the cause means to you? From my own personal experience growing up in a Vietnamese background there is a lot of racism towards people in the black communities, we're told not to be in a relationship with a black person. I think this needs to be changed and we need to start by educating the elder members that their way of thinking is not okay. Black Lives Matter is a very important cause to us & myself. With the inequality that we have in the world especially to POC, we want to elevate the charity and raise money for the charity.

What sparked the fire to answer the call to justice?

It's been over a year since Gorge Floyds death and the major BLM protests across the world. We’re still witnessing police brutality towards POC’s, we need to keep spreading the message that Black Lives Matter

How are you representing diversity in the new music?

As a company we're trying to make sure that our releases, signing and live shows are gender and ethnically balanced. But we’re also standing up to racism if that’s micro aggressions or full on racist comments

Who are the artists that were a part of this project?

Our track listing consists of:

Desperate Journalist

Snake Eyes

The Dead Frieghts


Nikhil Beats



Annabel Allum


Why are each of them critical to the project?

These are some new artists we are loving and that has been kind enough to donate their track to a great cause.

What can fans and new fans expect from the compilation?

The compilation features some of our favorite artists at the moment, it spans from Indie Rock, Alt Rock, shoegaze, lo fi hip hop, R&B, D&B.

When does the compilation drop?

The compilation comes out now!

Where can followers stream, support and stand side by side for this cause?

You can stream the compilation on all DSP's and buy it digitally on Bandcamp! I would suggest buying it if you can as you're giving more money to charity.

Biggest takeaway from the project?

My biggest takeaway from the project is that I want to do more charity releases. It's so easy to set up the revenues so they go directly to a charity of your choice.

What is something you want to leave us with to keep inspiring those who need inspiring?

Go and do it. Don't sit around, just try and do it.

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