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THANK YOU FOR SPENDING SOME TIME WITH US TODAY!  TELL US ABOUT YOUR LATEST CREATIVE ENDEAVOR!! Thanks for having me! I have a new music video coming out in a couple weeks for my most recent single “Into the Wilderness” and I’m psyched about it! I worked with directing team Tim Aslin + Shane Cibella and cinematographer Alex Simon and we created the forest fantasy of my dreams! After that my next single “Everything Comes with a Price” will be dropping in late September, followed by a super cool music video. The song is a retro-pop whimsical story song, and was produced by my friend, indie + hip-hop producer Bryan Dedlow. All of this (and more) is leading up to my debut EP release in December! ON A SCALE FROM ONE TO TEN... HOW DRIVEN ARE YOU?  On a scale of one to ten... 25? I go to sleep and wake up with ideas, plans and goals. I have to tell myself to chill sometimes. The only things holding me back are occasionally financial limitations and mental health challenges.  WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL AND WHY?  Something mythological probably like a centaur or a unicorn with butterfly wings or maybe a dragon... I have my head in the clouds a lot and I’m a Sagittarius. Existential whimsy is kind of my thing. WHAT WAS THE FIRST EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE, WHEN YOU KNEW YOU WERE DESTINED FOR THIS CAREER PATH?  I have been playing music, making art and performing since I could walk and hold a pen and a violin so I think I’ve always known that I could only be a creator in this lifetime. I wanted to be an actor since I was a kid, and I pursued that professionally until my late twenties when I started writing songs and switched my creative focus to music. I used to put on plays for my babysitters and cast my little brothers in my fantasy games, I made my own magazine when I was seven and charged neighbors for subscriptions. I played in violin competitions starting at age five and won thespian society scholarships in high school. It’s always been creation, performance and art for me. HOW IMPORTANT IS "LUCK" IN YOUR CAREER?  I don’t think of myself as a very “lucky” person, but I do think of myself as very blessed. I haven’t had many lucky breaks and have always had to work hard but I’ve been blessed with versatile gifts and really incredible friends and collaborators. I think we make our own luck through our perspective and attitude... the more gratitude you exude the more the universe blesses you. WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND TO BE 100% TRUE ABOUT SUCCESS?  You’ll appreciate anything you had to pour your blood sweat and tears into more than anything that is handed to you. You only get as much out of any endeavor and experience as you put into it. Success has to be something you define on your own terms otherwise you will never ever achieve it, if you’re trying to gain validation through someone else’s standards.  IF YOU COULD MEET ANY SUCCESSFUL PERSON IN YOUR CAREER WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  Oohhh... I met Patti Smith once at Barnes and Noble and was super nervous. I wish I could have a conversation with her. Dolly Parton. I would love to work with Jack Antonoff. Lady Gaga. Fiona Apple.  INSTAGRAM

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