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"Music is the healing force of the universe"  Albert Ayler

I recently had the incredible experience of interviewing loyal fans at a legendary rock concert.  Out on the concert floor before the start of the show, the crowd was building as I pulled individuals to the side, one by one, with my tiny handheld zoom cam.

Surprised at first by my initial contact, most were eager to hear me out and willing to be part of the project.  Yes, they would answer my questions for the band and yes they were true FANS of the band.  Ok, so this would be a fun adventure.  I imagined all the thought-provoking answers and interesting spins on the new album, excitement over the upcoming performance, and a myriad of loyal fan perspectives on all things music related.

Boy, did I have another thing comin.

What I did not foresee during this hour or so of interviewing music loving fans was how often I would hear words about healing & gratitude.

"They changed my entire world"

"Without their music I don't know where I would be"

"They turned everything around for me"

"They helped me get through some really rough parts of my life"

"They SAVED my life when I was 15"

"I thank them for being who they are"

"Thank you for still making music"

"Please don't quit, we need you"

"Everything I am today started with their music"

As tears welled up in my eyes, I couldn't help but smile with my own gratitude for being able to witness something so truly meaningful.

Music is the emotional connective fiber of our being.  May those with the passion for making it and creating it never forget how important they are to this world.

Music Heals.

Hepburn Hugs & Ric Ocasek Dreams

Birdee Bow

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