Amber, thank you for being here today! Talk to us about what you have planned for the new year when it comes to your career?

Of course, thank you for having me! For the new year, I’m really looking forward to working with Bsquared Management and taking on some new clients. This is an awesome team that is full of hard workers and I’m excited to bring my talents to the table and contribute to some amazing careers.

When did you get into fashion? What was your first job in it?

I got into fashion as a really young kid, probably around the time I started playing with Barbies. Since the age of 12, I knew I wanted to be a fashion major in college . My very first job in fashion was as a teenager in retail. Outside of retail and internships, my very first position that brought me closer to styling was as a fashion show dresser for a modeling agency in college. A “dresser” is someone who helps the models change looks quickly during a runway show. I loved it and even got to do some styling in that role.

What does it take to be a stylist?

I’d say it takes creativity, tenacity, organization, a good work ethic, and the ability to really listen and understand each client's individual needs.

What is a style YES for you?

A style YES for me is anything a person can wear confidently and feel great about themselves while wearing it. Pieces themselves can be subjective, but even if you see someone wearing something that you necessarily wouldn’t wear, when they wear it confidently and really make it their own, that is a style YES for me!

What is a style NO?

A style NO for me is when people force themselves into trends that they don’t really like or aren’t comfortable wearing. At that point, you’re not wearing your clothes, your clothes are wearing you.

Do you like to keep with the trends or make your own?

I definitely like to take note and stay knowledgeable of what the most current trends are. With that being said, I don’t limit myself to them. I like to stand out in the crowd with my fashion choices , and I especially like for my clients to stand apart from the crowd.

Who is a fashion ICON that could do no wrong?

I think I’d have to say Rihanna. She never lets a piece of clothing wear her, she always wears it and wears her looks confidently.

What was a big WIN for you in your styling career so far?

My latest win has honestly been connecting with some great mentors to help advise and pour into my talents. I feel that will make all the difference and propelling my career and making me the best stylist I can be for my clients. I haven’t had that big home run hitting win in my career yet, but maybe 2022 will be the year.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be a part of the fashion industry?

My advice would be to keep going! The fashion industry can be tough but stick with it. Make sure that you’re doing something every day to help you in your craft and to get you closer to where you want to be.

How are you making your mark in the fashion world?

Right now, I’m making my mark by helping people feel good about their outfits and the way they look. It may sound small to some, but when a person feels good and confident in their clothes, they are that much more empowered to get out there and make their dreams come true.

How do people follow what you're up to in your exciting journey in fashion?

You can follow me on Tik Tok @ambermonique_styling. I’m just getting started there but very excited to start sharing fashion and styling tips on TikTok. You can also keep your eyes out for me on the Bsquared IG and TikTok for any fun appearances I might be making on there :).