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Steph Devine is a star on the rise with new music!

Where are you located now and where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Massachusetts however I am currently based in Connecticut.

Who has been your greatest influence?

My greatest musical influence was Taylor Swift. I grew up listening to her music and her song writing style has always been very inspirational.

What is your latest and greatest?

I recently released my new single “Kiss You”. “Kiss You” is one of the first songs I wrote and I really enjoyed bringing this song to life in the studio.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm looking forward to continuing the process of producing and releasing more songs this year.

What would you say to your younger self if you could?

I would tell my younger self to follow her dreams and not to worry about what other people might think.

On a scale from ONE to TEN, how driven are you?

I’m definitely a ten! I’ve wanted to pursue my music for so long and now that I'm finally doing it I have a huge amount of passion and drive.

When you're not feeling motivated how do you get back on track?

When I'm not feeling motivated I like to go back to the basics. For me, that just means playing my guitar and writing. The songwriting process is what I truly love and it always inspires me to want to do more.

How much do you believe LUCK plays a role in success?

I think that sometimes luck plays a part in success, but most of the time, success comes from hard work and determination. You have to love your craft and refuse to give up, even when success seems impossible.

How can we stay up to date with you?

You can stay up to date with me on my Instagram account, @stephdevine.

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