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Photography By: @artsybastards

Hair and Makeup By: @carisadoesitall

The Superstar of a Singer/ Songwriter Dina Rene does it all!

Where are you in the world of music today?

I am a pop artist that tells a story and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and have lyrics that hopefully mean something to my listeners. I want to inspire people with my songs to feel something or get through pain that they are going through or even just celebrate life.

Who do you think is changing the game in the industry (besides you of course!)

I live for new songs by Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa. I love that they are both songwriters and have seen them both live many times. If it wasn’t for their music I really would have such a void in my life. They inspire me so much.

Give us all the details about your latest music?

My latest song “Can’t Let You Go” is a more upbeat dance track yet it’s lyrics are more melancholy about not being able to let someone go that is toxic to you. Sadly I have lived this scenario with many relationships. When I love someone I love them unconditionally and I don’t think I have it in me to end things sometimes. I’m trying to love myself more but I tend to be too forgiving and have a lot of faith that people might change. This song is about just that.

What has 2021 taught you so far?

It has taught me to start thinking more like a business woman and to really start planning for the future more. I made my own business this year in designing a creative space called @hollywoodpastelpalace. It’s been so rewarding having brands like juicy couture shoot here for their campaigns. I hope to design more spaces in the future and to also start doing more photography and fashion styling. These passions are so much fun and so rewarding to see come to life.

What would you ask the you that wrote that last song about heartbreak?

I would ask her to really see her worth and to stop believing the lies the guy fed her and to trust her gut instinct in letting that person back into her life.

How much fun are you having with your music right now?

I am definitely having fun releasing new music and really being involved in every aspect creatively. I can’t wait to produce and direct my next video. Music videos are my favorite thing in the world.

How can we stay up to date with you?

Follow me on everything @dinarenee and TikTok @dreamitdina

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