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Allie Colleen is an American Folk Country Artist, Singer and Songwriter who recently released her well received debut album, Stones. Her music style defines how life shaped her, alongside the personal lyrics and transparency in both her vocals and performance. Allie Colleen is no stranger to the music industry. A passion for singing and songwriting since a young age has garnered her a reputation of being a notable songwriter with an iconic-sounding voice. Her impeccably strong voice with hints of timeless tradition falls between classic country and the emerging country sound. The room never fails to silence as Allie Colleen begins to sing about the layers of love and heartbreak that have shaped her. Some of her newest songs bring witty lyrics and a connection to the song unlike most today. A Belmont University graduate from Owasso, Oklahoma with a style that is truly her own One of her original songs, Close Enough, gained nearly more than 715k views on YouTube. Her social media following has continued to increase every year. Her passionate drive and innovative vision set her apart from her peers resulting in her music and videos going viral on the internet, even capturing the attention of well-known radio show host Bobby Bones, proving that her audience is captive and waiting for her next song. Persistently working to hone her skills along-side industry professionals and performing at venues both around Nashville and national venues garners Allie Colleen a growing fan base. Allie Colleen’s debut single, “Work In Progress” defines the life that’s shaped her with personal lyrics and transparency in both the vocals and delivery. “Work in Progress” is a sweet sentiment regarding her introduction to the Music Industry co-written with hit songwriter Marcus Hummon and well known studio engineer Greg Beick. Her debut single was released in early July and followed by "Along The Way.” Her release of her concept project of “Best Friend” and “Road You Take” shared her journey and the story of a broken friendship along with healing a broken heart. Her first radio single “Ain’t The Only Hell (My Momma Raised)” broke the top #30 on Music Row Breakout Chart 1landed at #9 on CDX TRACtion True Indie Chart and made a debut at #74 CDX TRACtion Mainstream Country. Her debut album STONES was released Nov 26, 2022 with a digital release celebration and a Freak Show take-over at The Local. The performance live stream of the show had over 21K viewers on release day, the album and 97.3K combined streams on Spotify!

Hi Allie! Thank you for taking the time to make this interview with us! Could you talk about the team that helped you along the way to finally getting to where you are right now in your career?

My entire first year or so on the road was just me and a woman named Tami Thompson— I still owe her the world for all her help during that time with bookings. Since then not too much has changed. Bev Moser and I run this ship. Bev helps me with virtually everything and has made huge connections for me with Kinkead Entertainment, our booking agency and we get it all done. Outside of Bev and I, shout out to the band. I travel with four band members and Bev currently. Gabe, Caelan, and Hunter. It’s a family and I am very lucky to have them.

What does it mean to be an artist?

In my opinion, it means to be a product. I find branding to be incredibly important and intentional. My brand consists of the look and the way I carry myself through social presentation as well as stage presence. My name is on everything. When it comes to people who support me, I do not get to have bad days. I show up for them as they have shown up for me and I give them all I have, even when it’s not much, you get all you have.

How long has Halos and Horns been in the works?

Eric Dodd, Stephen Hunley and I sat down in the springtime of 2021 to write “Halos and Horns.” We knew from that first writing session this was going to be a song we would see through to releasing.

How did the title come about?

Stephen Hunley had saved the title for me. He had mentioned it the year before, that it was an idea he had specifically for me and I told him he better not let that one go.

How did you come up with your latest project overall?

We are currently working on a handful of unreleased material, all going along with my brand and the audience we are currently trying to serve. Right now we are trying to be intentional with the rodeo and outlaw market of country music. Bringing women into outlaw country and showing that there is undoubtedly a place for us, we are the new cowboys.

Were there any challenges through your writing process?

Never a challenge but always an encouragement to be better.

Were there any challenges to recording the new music?

There was a 35-minute dead period when the studio lost power, that was fun, but that’s when having the greatest group of producers and engineers on the planet comes in. We got it done.

Was there anyone or anything that inspired you to start your latest work?

I have had a lot of encouragement in the last year to be who I am. I have always been overly supported by my friends and family. However, I don’t know that I have ever felt or seen as I now do for who Allie Colleen is as an artist until now.

What has been your favorite part of being an artist?

Every decision I have made since I was a little girl has led to this. I am an artist. A true artist, to me, does not have a choice. I have to do this.

What does day-to-day life look like for you?

Never the same.

Could you describe your writing style?

Intentional chaos I suppose

What is the motto to your success?

I’m a rockstar, which translates to no matter what, we figure it out!

What is the most important takeaway you want to give people about your art?

There are always layers to every story. You listen to the song once, you’ll get one layer. You spend time with the music and you’ll get a story.

What is the most important takeaway you want to give people about yourself?

It has never been about me, this is who I am, but it has always been for you.

Photos By: Tony Sarria








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