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The BOOM of a Slamming Door...

Nothing is louder than the BOOM of a slamming door. That's both figuratively and literally speaking. Working in Artist Development, I speak with a lot of artists weekly. Artists have a lot to share and a lot to say and they are typically huge, creative spirits with beautifully large hearts to match. The one thing I consistently note from these conversations with the most successful of the bunch is the willingness to walk through open doors. As artists we are often so conditioned to expect closed, slamming and locked doors, that we often walk right past all the fabulously shiny and OPEN ones to fall to our knees, begging and beating on all the padlocked ones. (Not a good look and especially not in these shoes) One of the most important ways to find those OPEN doors? SAY YES!! YES is a lighted pathway that leads to fabulosity and huge chances. YES turns obstacles into opportunity. YES creates space and light and cherishes the unexpected... Your willingness to say YES is not only about amazing new experiences, but it's also about JOY. And isn't JOY the real making it? Catch yourself saying YES more often. See what happens... BE A FORCE Birdee

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