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Tess Posner

Tess Posner sheds some light in our BLOG space today with some hard facts and some tough truths about he state of things in the music industry today. Read on to learn more about her songwriting process as well!

"How I stay authentically ME with my music!"  

  • For me, being authentic in my music is so important- finding out who you are, your unique sound and how it's different from others. One thing that helps me do that is writing in the mornings right when I wake up or late at night. This helps me get out of my head and discover new ideas. At the same time, learning from great musicians is so important to constantly stretch and evolve your repertoire. I think making music is often about listening and learning and growing- and this is definitely part of the fun, it has almost infinite potential! 

"Women and Musical Freedom in 2020" 

  • Today, the music industry is 70% male to 30% female. And when Billboard released its list of 100 female executives in the music industry, only 20 of them were women of color. We need to get more women and women of color represented not just as artists, but also as producers (currently only 6% of producers are women) and into leadership positions. There is so much amazing talent out there that isn't heard or recognized enough, because it's traditionally been such a male dominated industry. Change is long overdue.  WELL SAID TESS. Well said...

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