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A movie?!?! Joey, we can't wait for it to come out!!

Hi Joey! Thanks for being here today! No problem!

Who are your main musical influences? Man, that is a hard one! I am an eclectic soul, so they are varied from LL Cool J to Ornette Coleman to Metallica to Anne-Sophie Mutter and Hank Williams Sr. However, if we get down to the root influences, I got to say the Beatles!

What do you enjoy most about being an artist? The process of creating something and through that creation providing a service to other beings. It is the great hope and goal of any artist that their work outlives them and becomes something new to each person that beholds/consumes the art. Artists act as historians, philosophers, and entertainers. I also love that art allows me to see new places and meet new people.

Of your own music, do you have a favorite song? If so, which song would that be?

Depends on the day you ask me LOL. However, I think one of my songs that still packs an emotional punch is Mr. Mooney. This was one of the first songs I ever wrote that I played for anyone outside my family and it was my first original song I ever performed. I actually met someone at a conference once that recognized my name because of hearing that song on the radio. They told me that they had to pull over to the side of the road to cry after they heard it. High praise to be sure.

How would you describe your music? Well, I have made up a new genre to encompass what I do and it is called Progressive Americana. That fits most of my music, however, I do have 2 jazz/fusion albums and a 3rd in the works, and some straight progressive rock!

If you were to create a band, who would you choose as your bandmates? The guys I have now! However, I assume you mean famous folks that aren’t actually available to me LOL. In that case, as long as they remembered that I am the boss, Dave Grohl on drums, Tony Levin on bass, Rick Wakeman on Keys, and Branford and Winton Marsalis on horns.

How often are you writing or creating new music? Every day! I make most of my living from my music services as a session musician, producer, and sound engineer. When I am not doing that, I write, record, and tour behind my own music and also teach music technology at the university level.

If there were a movie made about you, what would the title be? Interestingly, there is a short documentary being made about me right now called “Don’t Blink”. This is a reference about me living a life of success and intention as a blind brain tumor survivor. However, for the major motion picture, I hope we would name it “Blind Man Drivin’”.

Please tell our readers where they can follow you and your latest happenings!

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Thank you for your time! Thanks for having me!

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