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Susan Hickman on Dreams, Goals, and New Music!!

Hi Susan! It is great to speak with you today!

Thanks for having me!!

You are gearing up for a new song release, correct? Will you tell us about it?

The new single is called "A Dream" it's actually an old song, I wrote it years ago after having such a realistic dream about a past love, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake! And now I just wanted to share it with the world!

What was the creative process like for this song?

I wrote it shortly after waking up, (as I've done a time or two) I wrote it pretty quick!

What keeps you motivated to create new work?

I feel so accomplished after finishing something, I always have a lot on my plate, so when I can check things off a list there is such a sense of pride! I love creating and making up new melodies, my mind definitely needs to clear so I can focus on writing, I struggle at this daily!

How do you find balance between artist life and normal life?

I haven't yet! I have some methods but since I have such an active touring schedule it's hard to find that balance! Self care is huge, massages are my ultimate happy place! Learning when to turn off my computer and my brain after working all day on the "not fun stuff" associated with the music business. Staying grounded by spending quality time with people that are going to uplift and be a positive addition to my life

Do you remember when you realized you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I was pretty little, the farthest back I can remember I was around 3 years old.

What is your bucket list dream that you want to achieve in your career someday?

I feel like dreams are just goals that havent been reached yet. I have many goals that I want to achieve before I feel like I've "Made It" in this music industry. The most realistic one would be completely financially stable, with a healthy touring/creating schedule and lots of travel. The actual bucket list one would be to play the Grand Ole Opry, I have played on many famous stages but that one would be life changing, soul changing actually!

Do you have a mantra or piece of advice you carry with you that you would like to pass on to the readers?

If you want something bad enough there is literally nothing in this world that can stop you. Get rid of excuses, nothing changes if nothing changes! Be a doer not just a dreamer!

Thank you so much for speaking with me today! Please let readers know where to find you and your music! is the hub, from there you can get my music on all the streaming platforms, tour schedule, social media and I even decided to be young and hip and start a TikTok so follow me there, @susanhickmanmusic I'll be adding a lot more on there in the weeks to come!

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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