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Superpowers with Matilda Lindell

I’m a woman in my mid 30s (cause 38 still counts as mid 30s, right?) and I have just recently become aware of my super power. It wasn’t that I missed it before, cause I didn’t know I had it.

But I got tired of being power managed by some insecure man who needs to push you down in one way or another to keep himself above the surface, and very tired of doubting myself.

As many other women with me, I’m still struggling. But I am aware of my super power - to believe in myself. How hard can it be? :)

I released an album a few years ago. I did nothing with it. Almost like closing your eyes, pushing the trigger and then go hide under a rock. Not a very effective way of promoting. I was lucky my mom and the neighbor’s dog listened. Oh well, a few more maybe! I didn’t dare to revisit the solo career for a while, but luckily I found my voice through performing in other settings, educating myself, teaching, touring, and traveling, Despite all the continued struggles along the way, I worked through them in a different way. NO more hiding under rocks!

There is always a way, even if it’s a detour. It can be a very scenic detour! For the past 10 years I’ve been touring the US as one of the lead singers in the tribute act called ABBA THE CONCERT. It’s been a great challenge and lots of fun work. To find the way back to me I decided to rearrange a few of their songs to take a step towards making more music again. My promise to myself was to listen and be true to myself and my ideas in the process, I wanted it to be personal. This sounds silly, but honestly, it’s hard to get out of the bad habit of doubting yourself. As I had practiced my stage presence, my voice, my performance - I needed to practice believing in myself too.

So having this in mind, rearranging the well known disco tune “Dancing Queen”, I wanted to make it a celebration to women and girls of all generations and an encouragement to believe in ourselves and to support each other. I became more brave in the process and have already started to write new music that I, with great support from my fans, dare to bring out into the world. Cause the world is waiting out there for all of us :) LISTEN TO MATILDA LINDELL

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