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Subtract Negative Add Positive

Today will be the simplest math lesson of your life. In the social media world, there are an inordinate amount of people constantly talking, tweeting, messaging & regurgitating negatives. It's mind boggling how much wasted time is literally spent by people reiterating out into the world just exactly what they DON'T like, DON'T want, and DON'T agree with. Manifestation is truth and what you speak enters your world, so WHY would you want to consistently send out DO NOTS into the universe? Spending more time sending out the LOVE ITS, GOTTA HAVE ITS, GIVE ME MORE OF ITS is not only a more positive use of time, but is scientifically proven to lift your spirit, calm your heart rate and increase endorphins. Positive affirmations are also known to help lift the spirit of others who are reading your messages as well.

No, you don't have to see everything through rose colored glasses, but if you wouldn't mind a gorgeous view of roses every once in a while? Then by all means, throw those babies on and ENJOY. Simple Math: A Negative is a MINUS in your life A Positive is an ADDITION to your life Any Questions? BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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