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Strike A Nerve

You can often equate your level of success to the amount of haters you have. If your haters game is strong? Nine times out of ten you're on to something HUGE! See, haters have to let out their frustrations and failures on something and it's always going to be the something that's on the way up, the SHINY! The SHINY strike a nerve in the bitter, it reminds them either of what they once were or what they always hoped to be. Sad part? You can't be shiny when you're trapped down in bitter town. Bitter town has no polish, the vibe is low and I'm pretty sure they don't get enough fiber (just sayin'). Embrace the hate today, let them say what they will and spew their vileness wherever they choose. You'll barely notice it while you're dancing through the stars on your way to the DREAM. The puffy clouds of success have a way of blocking out the nasty. When you're striking a nerve you're one step closer to the goal. BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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