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Single Review: Nightbreaker Release New Single “Quarter to Midnight”

By Colin Naughton

Indie/Alt rock band, Nightbreakers, released their new single “Quarter to Midnight” on April 9th, 2021. Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida the band is made up of Zakk Giordano, Spencer Giordano, Dan Smith, David Caban and Logan Lavo. They have released 5 singles in their career the first of which was released in 2019. “Quarter to Midnight” will be the band’s first single released in 2021.

“Quarter to Midnight” starts with a really cool melodic, slow styled guitar riff that then transitions into an energetic beat. This song gives me teenage angst vibes, a great summer song inspiring listeners to make the most of their time and live their life to the fullest. The lead singer sings about young love and not wanting that feeling or moment to fade. Nightbreakers has a great sound to them, a good mix of alternative, indie rock and pop music. I love the chorus of the song and it makes me want to sing along. I can just picture myself driving with my friends on the weekend blasting this song at full volume as we make memories that will last a lifetime. The song is encouraging, inspiring and hopeful. Makes you want to make the most of your youth and time on this earth with the ones you love.

You can stream “Quarter to Midnight” starting on April 9th, 2021 on your preferred streaming platform and you can follow Nightbreakers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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