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Single Review: Natalie Price Releases a New Single “Heavy”By Colin Naughton

Austin native Indie/Americana Pop singer songwriter, Natalie Price, has released a new single “Heavy.” Price has been described as “One of the Austin singer songwriter secne’s most dynamic new talents.”

Natalie Price explains her inspiration to write this song: "A friend I cared about went dark on me and stopped texting me back when COVID started up. I wrote this song for that friend - in its simplest form, it’s a message of friendship and being there even when it’s hard. True friendships get into the nitty gritty and they’re not always pretty."

“Heavy” is a lovely indie folk sounding song. Natalie Price delivers an emotional vocal performance along with wonderfully executed acoustic guitar playing that is so melodic and cheerful. This is the type of song you put on as you stare out the window on a rainy day, it makes you think about life and relationships. “Heavy” is a beautifully written track, the music brings out lots of emotions and thoughts. The lyrics cut deep, holding true meaning. As we go through life sometimes we fall out of touch with those we are closest with. Just because you don’t talk as much with that person anymore doesn’t mean that relationship and connection isn’t still there. Relationships, romantic or friendly, are difficult and it isn’t always pretty but it is important to let that person know that you are there for them in the good times and the bad even if they don’t reciprocate. Just assuring that person that you are there for them can go a long way. “Heavy” dives into those themes and really makes you ponder life and the people that are most important in your life.

You can stream “Heavy” on SoundCloud and you can follow Natalie Price on Instagram!

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