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Single Review: Jolon Station Band Releases New Single “Low Rent”

Americana, Country Rock band from Central Coast California, Jolon Station Band, released a new single “Low Rent” on August 20th, 2021. “Low Rent” features Brad Coats (vocals, guitar), Paul Hanna (vocals, guitar), Max Sheridan (bass), Stevie Ray Stinson (Drums) and was mixed and mastered by Kevin Thayer of Tantrum Recordings.

“Low Rent” is an unpolished raw country rock track! It starts with a heavy guitar riff that drives the energy of the song from the intro. Stinson’s drumming and Sheridan’s bass guitar playing are well executed in creating a strong rhythm as the base for the song and then Coats and Hanna come in with unique raw guitar playing. I like the flow of the vocals and the lyrics. The vocals have this vintage sound to it kind of reminiscent of The Record Company that is really cool. The chorus, as JSB would say is, “Super Groovy” you start singing along after you hear it a couple times. The track is simple and heavily instrumentally driven which I like. The guitar playing gives the track a unique and “low rent” sound. It’s unpolished, dirty, raw and rockin’ which I think is the whole point of this track. For everything to be very natural and not over produced. It gives this garage rock band vibe. I think it’s well done and I really like Jolon Station Band’s sound!

You can stream “Low Rent” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Jolon Station Band on Instagram and Facebook.

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