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Single Review: Avatari Releases New Single “Superhuman”

By Colin Naughton

Alternative pop rock singer songwriter Ari Welkom, otherwise known as Avatari, is set to release new single “Superhuman” on April 9th, 2021. Welkom has performed at numerous music festivals such as Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, Life is Beautiful and SXSW. His songs often display feelings of freedom, redemption and empowerment.

“Superhuman” has such a good energetic vibe to it, it’s a feel good song that gets your blood pumping. Welkom has a great voice that provides so much power and feeling to the track, it’s a great song to get you ready for a party or go out and have fun with friends. High energy track with awesome vocals and really cool music. I like the background guitar playing in the beginning and the drumming all throughout, the transitions are perfect and keep the beat and tone to the song really well. Overall I really enjoy “Superhuman” the vocals are great, the music is awesome and the feeling you get when listening to it is very enjoyable.

You can stream “Superhuman” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Avatari on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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