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Single Review: Amy Martin Releases New Single “Sweet Virginia” By Colin Naughton

Americana/Bluegrass/Folk singer songwriter, Amy Martin, has released a new single titled “Sweet Virginia” on March 1st, 2021. Martin had been performing in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia for the past decade with her Alternative Bluegrass band Many Nights Ahead. Amy Martin then launched her solo career in March 2020. Martin then moved out west to Colorado, which is what this song, “Sweet Virginia,” is about.

“Sweet Virginia” is a feel good, happy vibes bluegrass/folk song that really highlights Amy Martin’s voice, musicianship and talents as a songwriter! “Sweet Virginia” tells the story of her leaving Virginia to move out west to Colorado to expand her horizons and experience different things and grow as an artist. The track is absolutely wonderful and does such a fantastic job in producing a feeling of exploration, new beginnings, personal growth and expanding one's horizon. It can be hard to leave home and scary but it is something that can really be such an amazing thing. To branch out and make new friends, memories, experiences and grow as an individual. Sometimes you need to make that move, make that change to grow and live your life to the fullest and that is what “Sweet Virginia” talks about and focuses on. I love Martin’s voice, it’s so comforting, soothing and beautiful! As you listen to her sing you just think that everything is going to be okay, maybe you are going through a transition in your life that you are nervous about or unsure of how things are going to turn out. “Sweet Virginia” provides that comfort to let you know that everything is going to be alright and you will do great things! I can picture myself listening to this track as I take a road trip across the country and experience everything this life has to offer.

Amy Martin will be releasing a new album produced by Grammy award winning producer, Chance Mccoy which should come out in April of 2022. The theme of “Sweet Virginia” is coming full circle as Amy Martin moved out west to help advance her career as an artist and now she will be going back to Virginia to record this album, a major advancement in her career is now happening back home in Virginia.

You can stream “Sweet Virginia” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Amy Martin on Instagram and Facebook!

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