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Single Review: Allie Chantel Releases Cover of “Nothing Without You”By Colin Naughton

Allie Chantel releases a cover of “Nothing Without You” originally performed by Tanerélle who released the song in 2020. Allie Chantel released her cover of the song as a live performance video on YouTube on February 18th, 2021.

“Nothing Without You” is a very emotional slower song with kind of jazzy R&B vibes. This is a true love song that describes a love so strong for someone. When we find that one person in this life that completes us and is everything we’ve ever been wanting or looking for, they become a part of us. And when you lose them it feels as if a piece of you has gone missing and you feel like you are nothing without them. This track highlights those feelings and talks about that struggle. Allie Chantel’s cover is also a jam session which allows her and her band members to add their own flair to the song. I really like the guitar and piano solos, they just add an extra layer and depth to the song as a whole that isn’t heard in the original track which makes Allie Chantel’s version unique. Chantel’s voice is beautiful! It’s silky, smooth and hits each note perfectly. She has great runs that aren’t too drawn out and a wonderful tone.

You can watch Allie Chantel’s version of Tanerélle’s “Nothing Without You” on YouTube!

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