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The shortest route to success is the A B C to the W H Y. If you have the why on lockdown? The rest is cake. Why do you want it? Why do you care? Why should I care? Why should anyone care? Why are you waking up driven to achieve this goal every morning? Why are you so obsessed with this passion, that you literally find it hard to breathe sometimes? WHY is this so important you have to share it with the world? Why oh why oh why? It's amazing how many artists, creatives and lovely people in general, have never put some thought into the W H Y. The why will open up all the doors to your how. The why will light the way to the where. The why will keep you so powered up that you'll stumble on the when if by accident (although it won't be an accident, it will be a manifest) The why will keep you so fed, so happy and so ready to takeover the universe that literally every WHO you meet will be ready to jump on board with your vision. Show me the WHY and it'll show you the way... BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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