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Building a career in the music business, or any business for that matter, takes an incredible amount of focus, determination and guts. With all that non stop courage and dedication, it's alarming how much time can still be lost chasing the wrong things. I refer to these as the shiny drainers. Shiny drainers are the shiny objects thrown in the pathway of incredibly talented individuals with success in their sites. Shiny drainers have one intrigue you while sucking you dry. So today I want you to watch out for the shiny drainers, those beautiful flashy time vampires meant to throw you off track. Those too good to be true promises sent to you by shadies. The fair weather friends who love you right now because your single just hit the charts. That neon flashing CHEESECAKE FACTORY sign that beckons you from the the 405 right at the Sherman Oaks exit. Ok, forget that, have the dang cheesecake. Just text me the time please. I love shiny things too & Tiffanys. BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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