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Seriously? Let it go

I have the distinct pleasure of working with some of the most talented emerging artists on the planet. Young, high spirited souls with nothing but potential and gifts. A common resounding thread is persistent however in the minds and hearts of most of these young talents and it goes something like this: "What will everyone think...what will my friends say, won't they think I'm full of myself? WHAT? Who cares what your friends back home think...this is NOW, this is your journey. They can think wtv they like, this isn't their party. In fact? They're not invited UNLESS they want to jump on board and be part of the NEW YOU FAST TRAIN. That's the train that is headed straight into success. GET ON BOARD. Two things: #1. Take yourself and your career seriously and... #2. Seriously? Let it go. xo Birdee Bow

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