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Self Expression with Katie Jean Santiago

When did you become a music lover and what does music bring to your life? Ever since I was a young girl I loved singing but it was about the age of 9 when I really got interested in music. I would listen to songs on repeat and really study the lyrics. Although I was a shy girl, dressed in pink,  I was completely mesmerized by rock music and my favorite song was glycerin by Bush. I would occasionally make up lyrics when I was alone and just sing what came to me. I wrote my first song at the age of 16. Music opened a door to self expression for me and this has helped me battle my  Social Anxiety and Depression.

Tell us about a LIVE show with Katie Jean!

Live shows have been something I struggle with due to Social Anxiety. The very thought terrifies me but it is something I want to be able to over come in the near future. 

Who has been your greatest influence?

My biggest musical influence has been Lacey Sturm ( previous lead singer from Flyleaf) I absolutely loved her feminine vocals mixed with heavy rock music. Her writing style is absolutely beautiful! I always feel inspired after listening. 

Please tell us about your new music!!

With this New EP I really wanted it to reflect what music is to me. I have always used music as an outlet. These songs are my way of working out a few of my  deepest struggles.  It has an alternative rock base sound with a splash of modern electronic sound. 

What do you most look forward to in 2021?

 I look forward to being able to travel in 2021 as well as working on new music material. I decided to release my EP "Wounded Wings"  under the name RELEVF, this is my spin on the word relief. 

Find it here on Spotify 


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