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RELAX/ Enjoy/ Breath

Working in this crazy music business with amazingly, creative artists, I'm constantly reminded of how much stress and anxiety they deal with on a daily basis. Their anxiety equals my anxiety = repeat. Ahhhhhh ! As a performer for many years, I get it. I understand! However, I also realize that my job now has a lot to do with talking that energy down. Reminding our artists to STOP and breathe and to enjoy the moments of every step of their career. I know it's a race and everyone wants to reach the top as fast as humanly possible, but there's so much to be said about every little step along the way. All the moments with new fans, old friends, band mates, laughter...the moments when you think you'll spontaneously combust into flames, because someone missed a note or because the 35 friends who said they would be on the front are somehow missing. Y'know what? LET IT GO!! SMILE, laugh it up and remember, THIS IS YOUR LIFE and you are one of the lucky few who actually knows what they want to BE when they grow up. That is where the magic is.... DANCE inside the magic every chance you get ;) BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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