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Q&A with Colleen Lippert

Where are you from and where are you currently located? 

I’m originally from the Hudson Valley in New York, but I moved to Nashville in 2015.

How does your work affect the world?

I own Anchor Publicity - a Public Relations firm here in Nashville. As a publicist, I help musicians get their songs out into the world! I facilitate interviews, send press releases, write professional biographies, create press kits, manage meet & greets, etc. I truly believe that music brings people together, so I like to think I’m helping in that way.


What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Live music! I think that’s something I’ve definitely taken for granted in the past while living in Music City. It’s been so sad to see local venues close down during Covid. I can’t wait to be able to go out and see my friends and clients perform again! There’s nothing like feeling the energy from a live crowd.

I’m also looking forward to visiting with friends and family again! I haven’t seen some since the start of the pandemic and I’d really just love to hug them.

How do you find peace in an often chaotic world?

I like to read, cook, play with my dogs and watch True Crime documentaries. That’s usually how I wind down after a long day. I have picked up some new hobbies this year, though! Right now I’m learning how to cross-stitch. It’s something I never imagined myself doing, but it’s so relaxing and fun! My friends tease me that I’m the “grandma” of the group, but I’m okay with that.

What does SUCCESS mean to you? 

Oh, great question! If my clients are happy, I’m happy. I think that’s the sign of a successful PR campaign. I love my job and just want to make people proud.

What have been some of your greatest achievements with your business?

I think having the guts to open my own PR firm was the greatest achievement of all. It wasn’t really on my radar at the time, but things just fell into place and I think it was meant to be. I was so afraid I would fail in the beginning, but I’ve grown my roster of clients from zero to 80+ in four years. I think it’s really helped me to grow personally, too. In terms of career highlights though, I think booking my first national television appearance is probably at the top of my list. I reached out to a producer via email, expecting not to hear back. In PR, the general rule is you hear 12,0000 no’s before you get one yes. Much to my surprise, I was on the phone with a production team minutes later. I don’t really let myself revel in the moment while

working. I usually have tunnel vision until the job is done. After I know everything has gone smoothly, then I can let myself take a deep breath and think “Ok, that was cool.” I think little achievements are also some of the greatest. Just a simple “thank you” note from a client can go a long way. Getting a nice review also makes me smile.

Where can our readers go to learn more about your projects? 

Follow me on social media and visit my official website!




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