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Put A Little Sweet In it

I've been 6 degrees from Jon Bon Jovi for a number of years. And no I'm not just talking about the first time I saw a poster of him in 5th grade at my best friend Leigh Ann's house and wondered how a boy could have such shiny hair. What I really mean is I've met his personal assistant, worked with a few of his co songwriters, and met a myriad of producers, engineers and people who know him quite well. The reason I mention this is NOT to drop names, but rather to drop a few hints. Wanna know the single most repeated words regarding his personality? "He's a super nice guy." I've also heard on more than one occasion, "He's a talented guy, but the main thing with him is that he's just nice to be around. People want to work with him." Now you can take that as you will. You can believe it, or don't, but the one point I would like to make with this blog is that being easy to get along with can get you far. Not just in the music business, but in all business. The higher your positive vibration, the higher the elevation of your success. The easier you are to get along with? The more likely you'll find yourself getting luckier and luckier and luckier. SHINE up some sparkle and leave the passive aggressive party pooper under the poor me rock pile of (yes you guessed it) poo where it belongs. Ok sure, barking orders, making crazy demands and acting a diva might get you some immediate results, but the overall picture of that scenario will ultimately shake down dim. So I challenge you today to put a little sweet in it. Fire up your goodness, notice some positives in someone. Share some complimentary feedback. Heck, go ahead and push that LOVE light all the way to ON!

Because at the end of the day, that whole bees to the honey thing is real... Get your BUZZ on and Get What You Want. BE A FORCE Birdee

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