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The three band members first met some time ago on an Arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut/Canada, and started learning their instruments during the long polar nights. These were ukuleles that they traded dry fruits for with the Inuit. After the successful introduction of a breeding program for bowhead whales, the band decided to go back to Germany. But unfortunately, before this could happen, huskies escaped with their belongings, so the guys had to get by by playing street music in Canada's pedestrian zones, singing about the Great White North. Songs all about the cold, the dark, cod-liver oil and not forgetting the white Arctic hares.

Pulse Park are Magnusson (g/v), Frank Hagen (b) and Oliver Polastri (d). Founded in 2020, the debut album 'Phonac Music' was recorded in November 2021 and released on April 16, 2022 on Shore Dive Records.

Welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release Phonac Music.

We recorded it in the fall of 2021 with one of our favourite producers, Kurt Ebelhaeuser. It's a collection of songs that we had worked on so far. Three of them had been previously recorded but had been lacking power. We are extremely happy with the results now.

How would you describe your sound?

Melancholic but splashing at the same time.

What do you write about?

Anything except love and accusations. What do you listen to when you are home?

Depends on the mood. Low, Sepultura and everything in between.

Your favourite live performance so far?

That's a tough one. Probably The Jesus Lizard.

Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage.

Michel, a recording engineer who worked with us on the album, recorded himself rhythmically moaning to our song "Apollonian Heart" without telling us. When we played back the recording sounded really crazy. Like Prince in a very sexy mood. You will hear it on the 30th Anniversary box set. Your favourite albums?

Teenage Fanclub - "Songs from Northern Britain"

Shellac - "At Action Park" The Cure - "Faith"

Fitz of Depression - "Let´s give it a Twist"

Red House Painters - "Old Ramon"

A musician you would like to meet for a beer?

It should be someone who has seen a lot, but who is nice and down-to-earth. Scott Ian comes to mind.

What would you ask for backstage, if you were the most important band on earth?

The Bloodhound Gang sitting in a corner sorting M&M´s by colour.

What are your plans for the near future?

Playing some shows...and then recording our next album in May 2023.


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