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Playing to Win or Playing Not To Lose

Do you ever stop to ask yourself how you're playing the game? Or more importantly, why? I'm learning more and more about playing to win vs playing not to lose. When we're playing not to lose, we hold on too tightly to the stuff we already have, the vision of losing something keeps us in the game, but it distracts us from the goal. Playing to WIN is an entirely different field, in a different mind set and from an altogether different universe. Playing to WIN means you're all in, you're not holding yourself back from anything. Your DESIRE TO WIN encapsulates any fear of losing. The visions of winning fill your mind...the positives knock out the negatives with overwhelming force. When you let go of the fear of losing, then nothing is really in your way any longer, because there is no losing, it just doesn't exist. Let go of whatever is holding you in the fear pattern. PLAY TO WIN and YOU WILL. Be A Force Birdee Bow

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